If you want to donate to Pupa's non-profit animal sanctuary, please click on the button at the top.
If the button doesn't work, click HERE instead.

Pupa is a non-profit animal sanctuary where dumped, abused and neglected animals can live out their lives in peace. The sanctuary is non-profit, meaning 100% of your donation will go to the animals. You can even ask for a receipt of the food/medical care your donation went to, I will gladly send it to you, because my sanctuary is transparent and created for the animals and the animals only. It's officially registered as a non-profit sanctuary and regulary checked by the Dutch tax office to make sure it stays that way. 0% of these donations will be used for myself, nor for anything else.

If you want to read more about the sanctuary, the updates and what your support is being used for, please check out its facebook page by clicking HERE.

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Shopping with a clear conscience! Pupa is a small webshop that sells organic, fair and eco-friendly vegan merchandise, all designed and made with love by Pupa. All of the unique products are made in Holland and its profit goes to several charities that rescue animals and to spreading the vegan message.

Help animals, people and the planet with every purchase.

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